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PDIR woes

Discussion in 'Support' started by Péter Köves, Sep 7, 2009.

  1. Péter Köves

    Jun 1, 2008
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    alias dirl=pdir /a:j /(fpn" ==^> "@junction

    dirl ..App* .KLS.pete*
    C:\..Apps ==> Volume{14a1b9f1-89e6-11de-9861-001e8cc44bce}\
    C:\.KLS.peter ==>

    alias dirl=pdir /a:j /(fpn" ==^> "@symlink

    dirl ..App* .KLS.pete*
    C:\..Apps ==>
    C:\.KLS.peter ==> \\kls\peter

    So I tried

    alias dirl-js=pdir /a:j /(fpn" ==^> "@junction

    dirl-js ..App* .KLS.pete*
    C:\..Apps ==> Volume{14a1b9f1-89e6-11de-9861-001e8cc44bce}\@symlink
    C:\.KLS.peter ==> @symlink
    [*]alias dirl-sj=pdir /a:j /(fpn" ==^> "@symlink
    dirl-sj ..App* .KLS.pete*
    C:\..Apps ==> @junction
    C:\.KLS.peter ==> \\kls\peter@junction

    Why don't these work? And why does the following (note the space before @junction[] which is also actually there in the output (but swallowed by the posting mechanism) ... ugly!)?

    alias dirl-sj=pdir /a:j /(fpn" ==^> "@symlink
    [*] @junction
    dirl-sj ..App* .KLS.pete*
    C:\..Apps ==> Volume{14a1b9f1-89e6-11de-9861-001e8cc44bce}\
    C:\.KLS.peter ==> \\kls\peter

    And not entirely related, but I discovered it while I was messing around with the above:

    dir c:\]Desk*
    Volume in drive C is System Serial number is e2af:ec3b
    Directory of C:\]Desk*

    2009-08-15 21:51 <symlinkd> ]Desktop [C:\Users\peter\Desktop]</symlinkd>
    0 bytes in 0 files and 1 dir
    846,883,254,272 bytes free<symlinkd>

    (Yes, I have a symlink called C:\]Desktop". Perverse perhaps, but completely legal).

    echo %@symlink[c:\]Desktop]

    Is there a way around this? It would not work in the pdir context anyway, but I tried replacing the ] with ? but @junction/@symlink don't take wildcards.

    (TCC 10.00.76 Windows 7 [Version 6.1.7600])</symlinkd>

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