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Done @PERL-like functions

I get a lot of use out of the @PERl, @REXX, @TCL, @PYTHON and similar functions in Take Command 18 and was surprised to see that there is no @VBSCRIPT -- any possibility of adding that and others for other WSH engines like @JSCRIPT and @XLNT and maybe similar functions for third-party tools such as WinBatch, LotusScript, &c and tools from the MKS Toolkit, Services for Unix and the like (e.g. @AWK, @SED, @BASH, @CSH &c) and @KIXTART, @POWERSHELL and so on?
Here's a VBScript example;

function ppp=%@script[vbscript,Function ppp(ppk):ppp=ppk*.454:End Function:set fso=CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject"):set stdout=fso.GetStandardStream(1):stdout.WriteLine ppp(%1):set fso=Nothing]

c:\users\jlc\utils>echo %@ppp[6.59]

Look in the help file for the @SCRIPT function, and the SCRIPT command, for VBScript, and other Active Scripting Engines.

Look in the help for the @PSHELL function, and the PSHELL command, for PowerShell.

I have wrapped CSCRIPT into a library function, which I can use from TCC.

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