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How to? PhraseExpress autotext/autocompletion printing unexpected characters

I am using PhraseExpress for auto-complete, so when I type "cd .", I get prompted with these three items:


As you can see, each simply types out a variant of

cd ..\z__for_git_commit_only\codelet

presses the enter key (the "codelet" portion is the variable part), and then pauses for a moment (the "zTSlp").

Unfortunately, while it's been working successfully for weeks in TCC-LE (the standalone command line application), when using it in Take Command, in a TCC session tab, this is what's printed:


This behavior is the same even when the enter and pause calls are removed.

Any ideas why this would work in TCC-LE, but not it Take Command?

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It turns out the problem is with PhraseExpress' keystroke ("Key by key") simulation, which is "SendKey". Changing it to "VK_Packet" corrects the problem. However, unfortunately this makes PhraseExpress' behavior in TextPad, which is my primary development environment, fail badly.

This keystroke simulation setting is global. There's no way to configure it on an application-by-application basis. So for the moment, I'm stuck with "SendKey".

Is there any way to make Take Command compatible with "SendKey"? As I mention above, I've been using PhraseExpress with TCC-LE for more than a year, without any issues.

Thank you.
I'm not familiar with PhraseExpress, but surely there must be some way to disable it on an application-by-application basis...?