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/E doesn't seem to do anything. The help's /E behavior seems to be the default. Whenever V's window is full, more output causes scrolling; so you're always seeing the end (/E or not). It might sometimes be nice to see the beginning, and let additional stuff be added below and out of sight. This shows what I mean (in slo-mo). The beginning scrolls out of view.
(do i=1 to 100 ( echo %i & delay 1 )) | pipeview > nul
From what I can see, it looks like V is launched with the /T switch (file tailing). That's why it scrolls. When you add in the /E switch it starts viewing from the end of the file instead of the beginning.

/E V will start viewing the file from the end instead of the beginning.
The beginning/end part pipe seems clear (at least with VIEW).
dir /s c:\ | view
starts at the beginning of DIR's output.
dir /s c:\ | view /e
starts at the end.

Either way, it can be a while before V shows up.

I don't know about PIPEVIEW (which is a strange critter). The example in the help is ... um ... peculiar.
dir /s | pipeview | sort
The sorted output of "DIR /S", which shows up in the console, is not exactly interesting.
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