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Done Please Fix Feedback

Feedback keeps saying invalid password, and prompts for my email address even though I am logged in and refuses to post my suggestion.

Here is the idea I was trying to submit:

DIR + descript.ion

There is dir /z but it chops the names and adds the clutter of date and size. I would like an option letter for DIR that gives me two aligned columns, the file name, and the file description.
The only option letter left is Y, which is not suitable. I suggest /Z2 or /ZD
The other way to handle it is to extend DESCRIBE to just display .
Something like;
pdir /(fn 20 i)

I had the same problem - my email address rejected by Feedback. I traced it to Feedback not accepting mixed-case email address.
My email address is all lower case. Why should feedback even be asking for a email address or password if you are already logged in? it should just say "login first or set up a free account" if you are not.
>pdir /(fn 20 i)

I never noticed the pdir command. It works perfectly. Thanks so much.

It would be nice if the docs cross referenced it like this

"For other directory commands see pdir."
Suggestions let me post once, but never again. It keeps asking me to login, provide my email, and create a password.
Feedback uses a different login and password (well, unless you used the same one when you signed up for it) than the JPSoft forums. It is run by UserVoice (I know, because I had to unblock it in my browser's Ghostery plugin).
There are already built-in functions that strip leading and trailing spaces. See @TRIM, @RTRIM, and @LTRIM. To replace internal spaces use Vince's suggestion of @REREPLACE for single strings or TPIPE for entire files.