Done Populate DESCRIBE dialog with existing description

When using the Describecommand on a file that already has a description;
e:\utils>describe _MountVHD.cmd
Describe "E:\Utils\_MountVHD.cmd" : Uses DISKPART.EXE to mount a .VHD file
...note that the description is made available to edit.

When using the Describecommand, via the dialog, on a file that already has a description;

...the existing description is not made available in the Description text box.

The dialog should do the same thing as the command line, that is, if a description already exists, put the description in the dialog.

Apr 13, 2010
The Hague
What to do when you want to delete them? And what when you select multiple input files?

Your suggestion works only if:
1) only one file selected
2) all files have no descriptions
3) all files have the same description
4) all files use the same technique to store the description
.... more?