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Positioning @SELECT[] popup?

How do the top, left, bottom, right parameters work?

These three, in addition to making the window wider, drastically affect where its **left** edge, from approximately the middle of the console window in the first case to just left of the console window's left edge in the third.

And what are the units of those specs?



I played around with it more and I still don't understand what's going on. If I do this (cancelling each with Esc):

do i=0 to 60 (%@select[u:\luckydirs.txt,0,40,25,%@eval[60+%i]])

It works correctly up to i=20; that is I get a window whose left edge is at (about) character 40 (in an 80 char wide console). At this point there's about an inch (10 chars or so) of console to the right of the window (so I figure it can go farther). But from i=21 on, the window gets wider by moving its **left** edge.

What I want is for the window to extend horizontally from the middle of the console to the right edge of the console. That doesn't seem possible.

On Thu, 09 Jun 2011 20:08:51 -0400, rconn <> wrote:

|You're using (very, very) old syntax. Instead of using the 4DOS-compatible row/column syntax, use pixel syntax.

That's what I wound up doing, and with satisfactory results.

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