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Posting delay

Steve Fábián wrote:
| Emails sent to [email protected] at 16.54 and at 17.03 on
| 2008.07.03 not sent out as of 17.45 - 59 min and 42 min, resp.

I wanted to check what happened at 18.31 by logging into the forum by
browser. None were posted. However, , within a minute the above quoted
message to the open_forum as well as the messages to tc_suggestions
referenced above were delivered.

Apparently the Forum software ignores incoming posts until a user logs in
via the web, at which time it processes all accumulated messages - but they
don't show up in the logged in user's summary!

This causes totally unpredicatable delays in posting messages, and the first
user logging into the web interface does not see them, either - as far as I
am concerned it is a very major fault.

Should I create a batch program that logs into the forum (using an invisible
window) once a minute? It will totally screw up statistics (but they
probably are already screwed up, because the mail interface is not counted).