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Powershell scripts not opening in notepad-TC main suspect

I have just started using Powershell mainly because I need the ability to change affinity in a running program.
Everything is set up correctly with a simple profile in MyDocuments/WindowsPowershell and I have used Set-ExecutionPolicy RemoteSigned.
I have scripts in a separate folder in MyDocuments/Scripts and my Powershell shortcut on desktop opens Powershell in that folder.
Up til now whenever I double clicked on a script it would open in notepad which was OK when I was editing the scripts but suddenly when I double click on a script it is actually running in Powershell. I prefer this as it saves me opening Powershell but just wondering what sort of behaviour would cause this to happen.
The only odd thing I can think of is that I opened Take Command to see if I could run some PS commands from the TC console. After closing TC the behaviour is still persisting.
My apologies Rex. Your advice is correct. I found another program changed the file associations the previous day.
I am very happy with being able to run the PS scripts without opening PS but I forgot the activity the previous day.
Memory starting to decay (mine).

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