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Declined Preload previous settings when upgrading to a new version

When upgrading to a new version, I start with all setting at default. I have to set my preferences manually again, or I could copy the previous TCMD.INI with a somehow bad feeling since you never know if the old file really fits the new software. A way to preload (and convert if needed) of the previous settings would be great.
I guess not everybody will have a default TCMD.INI in the default location making it tricky if not impossible for the installer to find the source for the conversion. But, something that checks your ini-file would be nice. Add the new directives with their default values, remove the obsolete ones.

The other day I happened to share my ini-file with Rex and promptly received a slap on the wrist for still having an old 4Start directive in there :eek: although it was simply ignored.

Would that be something that we - the users - could put in a script ourselves?
Yes, store it in your user profile.

The only downside is that it's not roamed, so you'll have to move it by hands anyway.
I always copy my old TCMD.INI when upgrading. Is there a practical alternative?
Yours is the most practical solution. The point is, it is not a perfect method. For each new version directives are added, defaults are changed, while others are deprecated. Its difficult to keep track of the changes needed for every possible combination of old-version -> new-version upgrade.

So, we discuss the possibility of a validator. Point it at an old INI-file and let it validate / update both to the new location and constraints.
You don't have to copy it when upgrading.
With TDMD.INI in the LOCALAPPDATA\JPSoft directory you don't have to copy because it is shared by all versions, which brings us back to the topic of the OP, namely that shared configurations lead to conflicts in directives and configuration files under %ProgramData\TCMD<nn> must be copied.

In other words, if you never need to have multiple versions side-by-side (except the one version you're upgrading to) then your best choice is LOCALAPPDATA, if you do want to test backward compatibility of your products, do ProgramData.

Can the installer copy the inifile for you? Always? No. The installer cannot know which inifile you are using since multiple files with a non-default name in a non-default location are allowed and you probably have them in a hyperlink, somewhere. Who knows?

Well, you do. You know in which way your setup is non-standard. So, you can script the hell out of this! Put a folder MONITOR on %ProgramData\JP Software\ ! ... and let us know how you fared.