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Documentation Primary and Secondary Shells

The last sentence on the help page for initialisation files (TCC > Configuration > Initialization Files) says "See Primary and Secondary Shells for an explanation of those terms." There is no hyperlink in the sentence and I can't find a specific topic in the help file that covers primary and secondary shells, although they do get mentioned and explained in a few other topics.

If there is a topic that explains primary and secondary shells and I've missed it then I suggest hyperlinking to it from that last sentence of the TCC > Configuration > Initialization Files page. If not I suggest adding a short topic to the reference section of the help to explain it and hyperlinking to it from TCC > Configuration > Initialization Files.

It's an obsolete concept (left over from DOS days), though some users don't want to let go of the idea.

Well I did wonder if it was a hangover from the days of 4DOS, I seem to remember using %_shell in those days, but haven't used it for years now.