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Problem with "dir /="

When I first started TCMD, the first command I typed was "dir /=" and then clicked on the "Range" button and both TCC and TCMD appear to hang. If I kill TCC, TCMD doesn't respond either so I have to kill TCMD too. If I type "dir" as the first command and execute it, then type "dir /=" as the second command and click on the "Range" button, it works.

If I detach TCC from TCMD before typing "dir /=", it seems to work too.

TCC 16.03.55 x64 Windows 7 [Version 6.1.7601]
TCC Build 55 Windows 7 Build 7601 Service Pack 1
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I reproduced the same results as cgunhouse. When I used the X to close the "dir /=" TCC crashed without a restart and TCMD was frozen and did not allow any input to the other TCC tabs, so I closed it with Task Manager.

I did not have any issues with opening a stand alone TCC console and entering "dir /=" & choosing ranges. Work as expected.

Using *dir before "dir /=" in a TCC tab worked as expected.
I see it too, just as described in the first paragraph of the first post in this thread. It must be with TCC in TCMD. With stand-alone TCC, it's OK.
I killed TCMD because it became non responsive and behind it was the range dialog, but because TCMD became none responsive I couldn't move it to get to the dialog. After killing TCMD, I was able to complete the range dialog, but once complete and the command sent back to TCC, TCC died as well. So we know what happened to the range dialog but in the end TCMD had to be kill and TCC crashed before there was any results from the "dir /=" command.

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