Problem with Sync?

Jul 7, 2008
I have been using sync to keep some important directories on my
laptop backed up to a flash drive. Today I made some changes to
a couple of files using another machine and copied these to my
flash drive so I could sync them back to my laptop.

I did a dry run with the sync /n option and discovered that 13
files would be copied from my flash drive to my laptop rather
than just the two I expected. I looked at the names, timestamps,
and file sizes of the 11 files that I didn't expect to see and
they were identical on both the laptop and the flash drive. Just
to be sure, I ran an MD5 sum on the files and these were also
identical! So why would they cause a sync copy?

I remember back in 4NT 8.x there was a bug with sync when
comparing timestamps of files on NTFS drives with those on FAT
drives, which happens to be the case here (laptop = NTFS, flash
drive = FAT32). Has this bug crept back in? Or is there
another problem here (perhaps on my part?).

I'm running TCC 9.02.151 on Win XP SP2.

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