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Problem with TASKDIALOG

TCC 11.00.50 Windows 7 [Version 6.1.7600]
TCC Build 50 Windows 7 Build 7600

Topic "taskdialog.htm" last edited 2008-04-28.

"Since TASKDIALOG doesn't write to standard output, it disables redirection
and piping to allow you to enter the redirection characters (<, >, and |) in
your prompt text."

I think the | symbol does not work. The first two show "redirect < stdin"
and "redirect > stdout" but the third one gives the error and only shows

D:\>taskdialog ok "title" "instruction" redirect < stdin

D:\>taskdialog ok "title" "instruction" redirect > stdout

D:\>taskdialog ok "title" "instruction" redirect | pipe
TCC: Unknown command "pipe"

Jim Cook
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