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Problem With TCMD16 Tool Icons

I am trying to use tools for "Command Input" and "Folder & List Views". They are black text on a transparent background. Because of the Windows 7 "aero" look and my black desktop background, the tool icons essentially disappear. I have attached a screen shot showing the problem (mousing over a button makes it visible).

Rex, can you make those icons have an opaque white background?

-- Jay


  • TCMD16_Tool_Icon.png
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I have tried a number of themes, but the window border at the top always has the transparent "aero" look, making the icons impossible to see.

Would it be possible for you to create a real icon for some of the additional tools that currently have only text versions?

Or (since I really don't like the aero interface anyway), can someone tell me if the aero interface can be turned off in Windows 7, and if so how?

-- Jay
Thank you, Joe. I often -- but not often enough -- remember to use a Google search to find solutions to problems. The Aero look is now gone, and I can see the buttons.

-- Jay
Just as an aside, Classic Shell is the only thing I found that gave me back the plain, simple (and for me, preferred) Start menu, which is otherwise unavailable in Vista+.
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