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Problems with dir command in the debugger

When I run the following command in a batch file or at the command prompt

dir /X

The dates are formatted as:
06/08/2018 05:23 AM 3,472 Export837_PVKENT_I_06082018.c5

If run in the debugger I get:

6/08/2018 5:23 3,472 Export837_PVKENT_I_06082018.c5

This is a problem because the batch files I am running run a program that takes a text file created by doing a dir command and parses the output.

Is there any way to get the dir command to work as it does in a regulkar batch file?

Changing the syntax does not help
That syntax is only valid when running CMD.EXE & DIR on a machine with specific country code and date/time settings. DIR in CMD.EXE on my system doesn't look like DIR on your system.

We made the decision when creating TCC to standardize on a format that works the same on all systems. If you want the option to create a (semi-random) CMD / DIR format, you can post it in the Suggestions Forum.
You should have no variations if you use PDIR and choose a format matching your needs.
I constantly have DIR aliased to PDIR with a suitable format.
Is PDIR a Take Command command? Problem is the batch files I am running have to run in a normal environment. I am just using the debugger to understand the system
Yes PDIR is a TCC/TCMD command. You should have a TCMD.chm file in your install folder. That is the help file. Make use of it.
I am not using any TCC/CMD extensions. These are vanilla batch files but have a lot of lines and up to about 10 levels of calling

I am just using tcc for the cmd debugger mainly so I can single step through the files and set breakpoints.

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