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progress meter

It would be nice if I could monitor the progress of a BTM file by having it modify the corresponding strip on the taskbar. It could change colours or display an ever-growing bar background the way Tortoise Subversion does, or change the icon.

I could not see anything in the left margin to post this as a suggestion.
When I needed a batch or rexx script to indicate its current cycle, I used a code roughly like charout. '.' or echos .

However, not all batches run in this way, and it's a cycle marker, which may be used with an unkown number of cycles.
Something like this?
(based on TCC LE 14; hence the @formatn; LE doesn't support @floor)

  1. @echo off
  2. cls

  3. :: Progress is percentage..
  4. alias progress=`scrput 0 0 bri yel on cya %@repeat[.,%_columns] & scrput 0 0 bri yel on cya %@repeat[X,%@formatn[.0,%@eval[%1 * %[_columns] / 100 ]]]`

  5. progress 0
  6. delay 1

  7. progress 10
  8. delay 1

  9. progress 50
  10. delay 1

  11. mode 200,200
  12. echo.
  13. echo.
  14. echo. Adapts automatic to new screen size

  15. progress 70
  16. delay 1

  17. progress 100
  18. delay 1