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Declined proper function....

With a lower[] and upper[] function already existing, adda a proper[] that would take care of McCarthy and similar.


not sure what other examples would be....
I'm not sure that that can be handled by a simple algorithm. Recognizing names in context is not an easy task for a MacHine such as a MacIntosh.

(Names starting with Mc or O' might be easier.)
Well - why not: %@UPPER[0,1,%@lower["THE GUY'S NAME IS SAMMY MCINTOSH"]] then check for special cases like "McIntosh" to see if it's a valid case.....
If I saw a way to do it without a dictionary, I'd write you a plugin.

But the request was for Rex, anyway. And we all know he's MacGyver. No doubt he can whip up a simple MacRo.

If you are going to do Mac and O' and other joint names, you would need a special char to indicate wordbreak with no space.

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