Puzzling Behavior of TDRV and DEL

Nov 18, 2014
I just noticed this after installation of the latest Windows 10
Running Windows 10 Pro Ver 1709 Build 16299.19, TCC 17.00.64

At startup, this fragment is run

cd "Google Drive"
call utils\tdrv G

The behavior of DEL is different when called from "Google Drive" and from G:

del "Google Drive\x.y" puts file into recycle bin
del G:\x.y deletes file permanently

This works the same way from Windows folders.

Any ideas as to what is going on or how to get the recycle bin from temp drive G:
May 20, 2008
Syracuse, NY, USA
If that is a drive of the kind you get with the SUBST command, then I think you are seeing normal Windows behavior. I have:
v:\> subst
V:\: => H:\work
If, using Explorer I try to delete a file in H:\work, I'm asked "Are you sure you want to move it to the recycle bin".
If, again with Explorer, I try to delete the same file in V:\, I'm asked "Are you sure you want to permanently delete it".

A "substituted" drive (a DosDevice) doesn't have a recycle bin.
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