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QUERYBOX problems

At least with v25.00.27 I have the following problems:

Scenario 1:

I use this string with 100 chars:

and open a querybox dialog and use the long string for the "Stichwort" field:


After press OK, I use the long string for input too ...


After press OK an entry in command history is generated as following, after I press the arrow up key ...


But this seems not correct and produces the following error after press Enter ...


Of course it should be "...%%test1" and NOT "...%test1" at the end of line.

Scenario 2:

After I use even a longer string with 300 chars, the TCC crashes! Of course this is not really a daily scenario - however: it should nevertheless not produce a crash IMHO.
QUERYBOX command crashes terminal for /CUE length > 124 even in TCCLE14.
do i = 123 to 125 ( querybox /cue="%@repeat[x,%i]" "%i" test %%test )
QUERYBOX command crashes terminal for /CUE length > 124 even in TCCLE14.
do i = 123 to 125 ( querybox /cue="%@repeat[x,%i]" "%i" test %%test )
Yup. When I run that command it crashes the third time and with no fuss, TCC is automatically restarted! Who's doing that restarting and how can I stop it?
RTL bug - fixed in the next build.

However, I cannot conceive of any reason why you would want to have a Cue length of that size. The /CUE prompt is intended to display a reminder of what you should manually enter into the edit control. If you're entering > 127 characters manually, you need to rethink your process. (And the cue prompt will disappear after entering the first character, so you'd better have a really good memory!)
Problem in Scenario 1 (see above) is still present in build 28 ...

EDIT: Sorry, if this is already planned to fix it in a future build!

EDIT2: Tested in v26.00.24 beta (RC4): it's ok now, thank you!
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