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Random Register reminder on new tab annoyance

testing new version 15.01.40 when i open a new tab i sometimes get randomly the reminder.

Your evaluation period expires in 29 days.....

i can understand per instance but per window for me becomes annoying.

Is it possible to suppress this until for example 5 days left or per time say 30 min or so ...
Thanks for any consideration.
its the message box.

Steps to reproduce:
1- Start tcmd, minimize and maybe leave idle for awhile.
2- from normal windows console or shortcut key "C:\Program Files\JPSoft\TCMD15\tcmd.exe\tcmd.exe" /D "c:\somedir" /T TCC

the reminder to register box gets in my way.

i would like to see the message box reminder the very first instance not on every TCC window after minimize.

the above was my use case.

I also get the same outcome if a minimize tcmd and do something else then restore and File | new tab.
v13 and i think when i tested v14 is without the mentioned msgbox.

thanks for your replies thou.
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