rd (Remove Directory) gives interesting error:

Feb 21, 2014
When I did the following:

rd /?

The output was:
Remove one or more subdirectories.

RD [/I"text" /K /N[et] /Q /R /S] path ...
/I (match description) /Q(uiet - no prompts)
/K (no undelete) /R(ecycle bin)
/N(o errors) /S(ubdirectories/QUOTE]
So I tried to delete a directory using the follow:
rd /s /n "Save me"

I got the following error:

TCC: (Sys) The parameter is incorrect.
Usage : RD [/I"text" /K /N[et] /Q /R /S] path ...

The /n in the rd /? is different then when it errored on the actual remove of the directory. One place TCC gives that /n is suppose to be no errors while the error's gives the usage of [N]et. One place it is wrong The help file even gives a different usage for /n -- /n in one place says the the useage is /n[et] then in the underneath it says that "/n disable options"

Not sure what this really means.

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Jan 12, 2014
Switzerland, SO
Yes, from the current help file for v26.x it should be:

/N This option takes two possible arguments:

e Don't display errors.
t Don't update the CD / CDD extended directory search database (JPSTREE.IDX).
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