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Done Reassociate .bat with cmd.exe

TCC, etc., needs an easy way to reassociate .bat files with cmd.exe.

I ran into a problem with a browser hijacker named Softrama. One of the tools to remove it is Junkware Removal Tool, JRT.exe. But when I run JRT it creates a .bat file and then can't run the file because it expects cmd.exe, not a third-party program.

I tried reassociating .bat with cmd.exe, but "how to do it depends on who you ask." Everything I have seen involves all sorts of registry edits, frequently suggesting changes to keys that don't exist.

I uninstalled TCMD but all that did was leave .bat files with no association.

I tried using "open with other program" to reassociate .bat files but the "Always use this program" box is grayed out.

Obviously there are times when companies need to re-purpose a computer or do other things (such as running malware removal software) , which could involve removing "specialty" software such as TCMD / TCC without having to reload Windows. There should be something equivalent to tccbatch.btm that reassociates .bat files.
Here's a quick hack:
@echo off
assoc .bat=batfile
assoc .cmd=cmdfile
ftype batfile="%%1" %%*
ftype cmdfile="%%1" %%*

It doesn't fix any per-user associations. ASSOC /U and FTYPE /U are giving me strange error messages....
And here's a somewhat fancier version.


  • BatDefaults.btm
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Updated to fix a problem with Edit, Print, and RunAs verbs.


  • BatDefaults.btm
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I haven't tried any of these but I did find a quirky way to fix this.

Rex -- you need to contact MalwareBytes about this.

If you run MalwareBytes, it will show that it has detected malware and this will be the result:


* Malware

Registry Data



If you remove the "malware", .bat files will open with cmd, not TCC.

I'm running Take Command 18 and I just opened the Default Programs Editor and selected .bat files.

For the Open command it shows:
Program: Take Command
Program Path: "C:\Program Files\JPSoft\TCMD18\tcmd.exe" /c "%1" %*​

But for Run As Administrator it shows:
Program: Windows Command Processor
Program Path: C:\WINDOWS\System32\cmd.exe /C "%1" %*​

So, apparently, running a .bat file as administrator avoids having to change the file association.