Recommend a Print program

Jan 16, 2009
I have many (100s) plain text files, with no formatting. They are as if constructed in Notepad, altho I actually used Brief some years ago. I need a print program which I invoke from the command line and can specify: left margin, right margin, font, font size. The program needs to wrap lines, like notepad or Word does. Notepad and Wordpad won't suffice, because you can't pass them the parameters I want.
Jan 16, 2009
I found one that is satisfactory: Wordpad++. You have to set up the font and font size (and a few other pgm settings, such as turning word wrap on) before you run the btm, and they are sticky. From the btm pgm, you START wordpad++ with the filename to print, and send commands to print with KEYSTACK, and by golly it works!!
So updating VIEW so that it word wraps is no longer urgent for me, but is still a very good idea to do.
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