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RECYCLE /P - unexpected behavior

Using the /P (prompt) option with most file manipulation commands (see COPY,
below) prompts the user for each FILE to determine whether or not that file
should be processed. In contrast, the prompt RECYCLE /P prompts for each
DRIVE's recycle bin, but not individual files.

Topic "copy.htm"
/P Ask the user to confirm each source file. Your options at the
prompt are explained in detail under Page and File Prompts.

Topic "recycle.htm"
/P Prompt the user to confirm each delete operation.

The difference in the option descriptions is certainly not sufficient to
realize that the entity "deleted" is the "whole recycle bin content", not
the individual entries it contains.

Just more descriptive wording in topic "recycle.htm" would be sufficient to
make the expectations match the actions.

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