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How to? Registered Take Command 18 on USB thumb drive

I bought two copies of Take Command 18, getting one free update (thanks), and I paid for the other update. One copy is for home, and one copy is for work.

At work, I installed Take Command onto a USB thumb drive. That's fine. I am a software developer, a contractor. I usually have one job at a time, and I have a USB thumb drive for each customer. My contract jobs last about a year, and I seem to get a new job when a new version of Take Command comes out.

At my latest job, they gave me a state-of-the-art laptop and company phone and treat me very well. The job looks like it will last for a while. I develop software and walk around with my Take Command 18 is on that thumb drive. I have tasks where I need to move around several hundred files at a time copying from networked drives to customer hard drives and folders. My carefully crafted BTM files and aliases greatly facilitate these operations. Take Command and my programmer's editor and tools are never installed onto a customer machine.

I would like to install Take Command on my work laptop, but the installer won't let me. I would like the work copy of Take Command to live on one laptop and one USB drive. Right now I'm running it off the thumb drive, which is acceptable, but I would prefer to have it on the hard driver of my work laptop.. I will never run two instances of Take Command at one time, and I am the only one there who runs it.

How do I install Take Command on a thumb drive and still have it install-able?

Second question: I have two laptops at home, and I want to install my "home copy" onto the old laptop. Is this legal? Once again I am the only one who uses it.
A single-system Take Command license allows you to install on up to three systems, provided they're used by the same user and not in use simultaneously other than for synchronization.

Your v18 license is currently registered on two systems, so you have one more activation that you could use on a thumb drive.

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