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Registration error

I received a laptop exchange at the office today and, after all my files had been copied over by IT, I reinstalled TCMD 12.10.60 to make sure those files were up to date. When I started it for the first time on this new machine, it said it was already expired and I needed to register. Any way, I attempt to register and get the error: "HTTP protocol error. 407 Proxy Authentication Required." Both IE and Firefox work fine with the proxy settings. On my prior WinXP laptop, TCMD 12.10 had picked up the proxy settings to register. With only the Buy Now, Register, and Exit buttons displayed on the expiration dialog, I'm not sure where to enter any proxy authentication. How do I get around this error? This is on Windows 7 Enterprise/32-bit.



Thanks for the manual key. It registered successfully. Once I registered with it, even without changing internet settings, I successfully checked for and updated to build 61. I then re-registered with my normal key and that now works also.

Thanks again.

On Mon, Apr 11, 2011 at 2:22 PM, Steve Fabian <> wrote:

> TimButterfield:
> | updated to build 61
> Did I miss an announcement? Cannot find any from Rex in this subforum!

I did not see an announcement for this either. I just hit check
updates on the new laptop just in case ... and there it was, 12.10.61.
I just now checked and it's on the download page also along with a
4/10/2011 release date.

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