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Reinstalling TCC-RT 21.01.57 triggers a new install instead of update/reinstall

I've been rolling updates of my systems, and had to install TCC-RT twice on a desktop, since first install partially failed due to a trick I had to play with localization DLL's.
The first time I installed it, the upgrade fired nicely, correctly discovered the installation path of a previous version and proceed to upgrade. The process finished successfully except I had to skip language DLL's.
Removing localization DLL's symlinks and trying to reinstall the program, it did not see the existing installation and offered a new install into default path.
@AnrDaemon have you made sure your computer is fully updated? Maybe windows installer is not updated?
Yes, I'm sure it is updated.
Yes, I can easily reproduce it.
Windows 7 pro 64-bit.

Ok, not repro'd with v22.
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