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Declined Release notes

When posting release notes, flavoring text should be eliminated. From my experience, users don't want to know if the bug was "erratic" or "rare" or only occurred when "many" characters were repeated. By posting words like this, it seems that you are putting blame on the user for using the software incorrectly and thus exposing the problem.

If you are planning to continue this you should probably at least change the "(many)" to say "(any)" since one of the examples provided completely destroyed all repeated characters starting at the second character.

I've uploaded Take Command 14.0 build 30 to the web site.

14.0.30 @REREPLACE - fixed a (rare) problem when using single back references.
14.0.30 Help file updates
14.0.30 New Installer build

14.0.29 Take Command - added workaround for Windows API bug when pasting text with (many) repeated characters to a tab window.

14.0.28 Take Command - fixed an (erratic) problem when pasting to a Take Command tab window.

14.0.27 TPIPE - fixed a problem when users remove the Take Command installation directory from their PATH variable.
14.0.27 Take Command - added a workaround for a Windows API bug when pasting very large clipboards to a tab window.

14.0.26 Help file updates
14.0.26 Minor installer changes
I'm fine with the "(flavors)" - they give some (minor) glimpse into the extent of the bug, and are very interesting. Being a programmer myself, I like to understand even more details about the extent of the bug and its cause conditions.