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Remote storage drive implementation


I would like to know if it possible to make this design using your program:

I need to map a remote unit of a computer -SOURCE- connected to Internet in another computer -BACKUP- connected to Internet.

The map drive should appear as it belong to the local network of the BACKUP computer, so it would be possible for the Task Manager to automatically run a script using the commands COPYDIR, COPY and/or ROBOCOPY.

Data should travel through the Internet using an encrypted tunnel and addressing using a dynamic DNS to solve the problem of dynamic IPs.

That would be possible, although the heavy lifting-part (making the -SOURCE- files available online and setting up a VPN server) has to be done outside of Take Command. Search -for example- for WebDAV on the internet and these forums for more information.
You can try Take Command for 30 days for free to see if it fits your needs.

P.S. I guess you mean Task Scheduler instead of Task Manager?
Thanl you. All right. Yes, I meant Task Scheduler.
My main doubt was regarding the extensions for HTML to serve files and the solution is WebDAV. I seems now it would be mainly a problem involving routers and windows, and them your shell would work perfectly.
There are many solutions implementing WebDAV some of them even for command-line.
I will try your application, but before I have to setup all the configurations.

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