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Remove all previous activations

I have had to reimage my PC several times and I am expecting to do it again soon. Can all previous activations for any registration keys assigned to [email protected] be removed? Please advise. Thank you. Regards,
- Himanshu
If I understand correctly, registration is by computer name. So if you give the computer the same name it had before, registration should not be a problem.
The computer names are not controlled by me. Please remove all previous registrations under this account. If it helps to verify authenticity, some of the computer names would have been of the format SWAMIHIM# or SWAMIHIM## (e.g. SWAMIHIM3 or SWAMIHIM16 respectively), or WINDEVPC or HIMANSHUPC. If I understand correctly, the license only allows use of the product on 1 computer, correct? So for multiple computers (physical or virtual) I would have to buy additional licenses. I just want to be sure of the licensing policy before I place an order for additional system licenses.
I have removed the three activations you had for Take Command 18.0.

You can register up to three systems with a single-system license, provided you are the primary user of all the systems and they aren't in use simultaneously other than for synchronization. (For example, a work desktop, a home desktop, and a laptop.)

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