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Replace 1st argument on command line

I am slowly switching from Windows to Linux where I am using zsh. It is very easy to define a line-editing feature there so that I can replace the first argument of the preceding command with something different (ie I typed "dir \a\a.txt \b\.txt c\" and then want to change "dir" to "copy"). How can I achieve that in tcc? The nearest I have come so far is typing "copy <ctrl-1><ctrl-2><ctrl-3>". But that is rather cumbersome. Perhaps a ctrl-SOMETHING that copies the complete previous command line w/o its first argument.
If the second command is not longer than the first, there's always good ol' F3. But I'm not aware a keystroke to do exactly what you're asking for. Shouldn't be difficult to add, though.
Well... that doesn't sound very promising. I am trying hard to keep the two shells as close as possible and so far I found solutions (or at least kludges) for almost everything. This issue is not such a big deal but it's disappointing that it can't be done easily. I will probably resort to writing a keyboard macro with a 3rd party app (another kludge).

EDIT: @charles: our posts crossed. I will look into your plugin but I will probably stick with a macro.

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