How to? return values from @python

May 31, 2008
What techniques are available to return values from %@python[] to TCC ?
I have been exploring some straightforward ways, but I can't see how to get something out of @python except for console output. Note that I am not using the supported ActivePython but another distribution, so my issue could be all there. Anyways, this is what I tried:
  1. Capture standard output: set x=%@python[print 1+1] >out
    This sets x=0 (python's exit code?), creates an empty out file and prints 2 to the console.
  2. Set a TCC variable from python: how can I do that?
    Incidentally I discovered that the persistent python interpreter gets its own frozen environment block, so setting environment variables, like $PATH, from python is pointless because changes aren't reflected in TCC's environment block.
  3. Write to a file from python. Here is a working example, but I would like to find a memory based solution as well, like #2.
set tmpf=%@unique["%[TEMP]"]
echo>nul %@python[with open(r'%[tmpf]','w') as tmpf: print >>tmpf, 1+1]
type "%[tmpf]"
del "%[tmpf]"
I can't speak for the Python support Stefano, but the equivalent @REXX simply allows you to return a numeric value valid as an exit code (REXX has both EXIT and RETURN 'statements' that can be used to achieve that). Any attempt to return a value that cannot be interpreted as a number (and this might differ for python, REXX has no data typing so all data are effectively strings) causes the TCC instance to crash.
May 31, 2008
Thanks Steve. I read in an older thread of this forum that performing an exit(n) in python closes the TCC session as well because the python interpreter is persistent.
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