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Rex won't like this... :-)

Since traffic is slow, let me tell you some background first.

I stumbled the other day over the forum of the german Piratenpartei (Pirate Party). Its a new and very young political (?) party the main goal of which is to keep the internet free from surveillance. They landed a surprising victory this year when they got voted into the Berlin city parliament, mostly by young people and general protest voters. The funny thing is, that the inner circle of that party comes mostly from one IT firm, and they had subsequently much trouble to find enough personal to fill all posts.

Why do I tell you this? Because on their website <piratenpartei-heilbronn.de/2009/12/so-kommunizieren-piraten-syncom/> they have something they call Syncom <wiki.piratenpartei.de/Syncom> (use Google translate) which ties together newsserver, mailing list and forum. Their forum is powered by MyBB, so of course I went there and searched their fora for "NNTP" (<community.mybb.com/thread-83261.html?highlight=nntp>) It seems they don't have a forum/nntp bridge plugin, but mention that someone from the Piratenpartei has made such a bridge. Perhaps it would be possible to make contact and ask nicely? I doubt they'd charge too much for this.

What I find interesting is that what is essentially an IT firm found it useful to set up up such a system. My guess is that there are quite a few of us oldtimers and nerds left who still like the comfort uf usenet communications....