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WAD ribbon doesn't remember expand/collapse setting

TC 16.02:

If I double-click "Home" (one example) the ribbon will expand, and double-clicking it again will make it collapse. If I close TC and restart it, the ribbon goes back to expanded, even if it was collapsed when I closed it. This is not the behavior of the Microsoft ribbon--for example the Office applications' ribbons remember whether they were expanded or collapsed across restarts. Would you please fix this? Did you use the Microsoft ribbon control in TC? You didn't roll your own, did you?
WAD -- if you want to hide the ribbon, check "Minimize the ribbon" in the customize dropdown (the button on the caption bar).

There is no "Microsoft ribbon control", other than the one in .NET (which Office does not use). TCMD doesn't use .NET because it has the minor disadvantage of being 10x bigger and 10x slower.

The ribbon Microsoft uses in Office is a custom control and they do not make it available to anybody else.
I don't see a problem. Here, it seems (simply) that there are two states ... (1) "Minimize the ribbon" checked and the ribbon minimized, and (2) "Minimize the ribbon" unchecked and the ribbon showing. And it seems there are two ways to toggle between the states ... (1) check/uncheck "Minimize the ribbon", and (2) double-click on a menu heading ("Home", Edit", ...). Method (2) automatically toggles whether "Minimize the ribbon" is checked. Further, whichever state TCMD's in when I close it is the one it's in when I start it again.

It seems fine. Is that how it's supposed to work?
... and a third (temporary) state ... "Minimize the ribbon" checked and the ribbon showing (temporarily) because of a single-click on a menu heading. TCMD never starts in this state.

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