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rmdir impossibly slow

TCC 12.01.44 x64 Windows 7 [Version 6.1.7601]

I started the rmdir op show below; tcc.exe was spinning the CPU, but didn't seem to be deleting any files. I finally used Ctrl^C to stop the op, and called timer again to get the elapsed time.
The dir is a subversion dir; stats from a similar dir:
741,035,467 bytes in 7,455 files and 3,838 dirs

Deleting a similar directory in Windows Explorer takes a couple of minutes.
What's going on with TCC?

>timer & rmdir /s /k ArrangerSpacing\ & timer
Timer 1 on: 14:07:17
C:\work\MSI\branch\ArrangerSpacing\* : Are you sure (Y/N)? Y
Timer 1 off: 15:10:25 Elapsed: 1:03:07.94

Thanks, for the quick reply.
"rmdir /?" mentioned "/N(o errors)", but not what the "/N[et]" options would do.

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