RSS feed subscription not working

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It's the same here. Here's the additional info.

An invalid character was found in text content.
Line: 141 Character: 15

<pre>@@Alt-M @history &gt;! %temp\his$$$^echo %@clipw[%@word[-0,%@line[%temp\his$$$,%@lines[%temp\his$$$]]]] &gt;&amp; nul^keystack Up
FireFox can deal with it.
Not reproducible here; everything displays as expected.

If you're having problems with IE, you should pass them on to Microsoft -- I can't fix IE.
As for Charles, the RSS button works fine with IE for other JPS forums (including ones inside T&T) but not with T&T-Aliases. I'm afraid MS would tell me to contact the the site's administrator.
The problem seems to be with this line (from a post)
@@Alt-M @history >! %temp\his$$$^echo %@clipw[%@word[-0,%@line[%temp\his$$$,%@lines[%temp\his$$$]]]] >& nul^keystack Up[/CODE]

It's in the feed. IE gives an error. FireFox simply doesn't display it.