Run 4DOS (and DOS apps) on a 64-bit OS

I have been using VDOS for a few years now to run my DOS applications, and thought I would share an example of how I use it on my Windows 7 64-bit OS.


:: This script demonstrates;
:: *) How to use the SHORTCUT command
:: *) How to run a 16-bit DOS program on a Windows 64-bit OS using VDOS
:: By default, VDOS uses 4DOS 8.00 as the command processor
:: REF:
@echo off
:: Change to the VDOS directory for SK2
::  This folder contains the AUTOEXEC.TXT and CONFIG.TXT files, which instruct
::  VDOS where to find and run SK2.EXE
cd c:\vdos\sk2
:: If the SK2.lnk file does not exist...
iff not exist sk2.lnk then
  :: Create the SK2.lnk file
  shortcut "c:\vdos\vdos.exe" "" "c:\vdos\sk2" "Start SideKick 2.0 in VDOS" SK2 1
:: Start SideKick 2.0 for DOS using the SK2.lnk shortcut
start sk2.lnk
:: When the SK2 window appears, activate it
do until iswindow "SK2"
  delay 1
activate SK2


Scott Mintz
May 20, 2008
Solon, OH, USA
That's actually pretty cool. I was able to run it in a TCMD tab. However, any time a GUI app runs in a TCMD tab, Windows behavior gets weird.