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Run new tab as

I have a suggestion for a new Home tab option to launch TCC as another user. In my environment we use a password vault for privileged access. I have to use my privileged to run commands and batch files. These credentials are rotated after x number of hours. Being able to close the old tab launch with the rotated password and launch a new tab run with the new password would really benefit how I work.

And, thank you for such a wonderful tool. It saves me so much time every day.
Thank you for the response. The issue with this is the password must be entered when the Run As option is setup. Our Service ID passwords rotate automatically at a max time of 9 hours.

What I was thinking of is an option to setup a button to run as my Service ID and have it prompt for the password. Currently, I have to Shift+Right Click on the the shortcut and choose Run as different user.

Just an idea.

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