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Run TCC scripts on a non-TCC computer ?

Apologies, first of all - I am SUCH a noob !
Q1 -
I have a task I want to automate on my clients' PCs–

I already have a script embedded in the backup routine, it creates a file – ‘backup verify text.txt’, and that file gets backed up along with everything else.

I want a script (for want of a better word) that will access the backup that completed last night, then open the file, and if the text in that file exactly matches “Backup completed successfully”, - then send an email to the client, verifying that the backup completed successfully, was accessed, and thus concluding that the backup isn’t corrupted and is valid. (The subtext here is, it's the wrong time to discover that your backup hasn't worked, is when you NEED it !)

Is this a feasible task for Take Command ?

And my next question, Q2 -
I will need to run this on PCs that don't have Take Command installed. SO ! Is it possible to 'compile' (if that's the right word), so the TC backup_verify.exe file runs. It could include a banner - "Another wondrous application made possible by jpsoft.com. Hurrah !"

My only previous experience of jpsoft is from 4DOS. Hey, different generation, okay ?

In answer to Q2, there is a free version of Take Command Console, called TCC-RT.

Note well the following (from the linked page);
Because TCC-RT is intended for non-interactive use on systems without a full Take Command installation, it does not support a few TCC commands that only work with the full TCC or Take Command, or which aren’t usable in a batch file environment. These commands won’t return an error; they just won’t do anything:

In answer to Q1, review the following TCC commands;

r:\>type test.txt
one cow
two cow
blue cow
moo cow
Backup completed successfully

r:\>ffind /kvmt"Backup completed successfully" test.txt
Backup completed successfully

r:\>echo %_ffind_matches

The FFIND command opened the file, did a search for "Backup completed successfully", and set the environment variable _ffind_matches equal to 1

In answer to the un-asked question, review the following TCC Command;

If you don't want anyone to see the source code of your .BTM, you can use this command to encrypt the file, but still run it on another system.

While TCC-RT does not allow the use of the BATCOMP command, you have to encrypt the .BTM on an existing TCC system, and then you can run the encrypted .BTM on a TCC-RT system.
e:\utils>batcomp sandbox.btm.source sandbox.btm
E:\Utils\sandbox.btm.source ~> E:\Utils\sandbox.btm   45%

Hi Joe, thank you so much for the info, advice, and the unasked-for answer ! I will get the girls and boys on the case Monday, let's see who crosses the line first !
Thanks again,