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Sample Aliases

I thouhgt it might be beneficial to some users to start a thread of what users have for custom aliases.

Here are mine:

copy=*copy /g
del=*del /w
era*se=*del /q / y /z /nejt
erase=*erase /w
exs=erase /x /s
fullcopy=*copy/[!descript.ion] /e /f /g /r /h /v /netj /j
move=*move /w /g
noempties=*del /q /y /x /s /net /a:d .
rd=*rd /n:e
rmdir=*rmdir /n:e
sync=*sync /g
tar=*tar /p
untar=*untar /p
unzip=*unzip /p
zip=*zip /p
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