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save alias commands to file and load at session start

Been searching how to do this for a while, with no luck, so posted here.
Need to collect all my alias commands in 1 file, and load them when I start vDosPlus session. How do I do that?

Thanks for any help
The answer to your question is documented in the 4DOS help file.

From the command line, type;
help alias
and scroll down to "Saving and Reloading Your Aliases"

[prompt]> alias > alias.lst

All your alises are now in the LST file...
There's also SHRALIAS; read about it. SHRALIAS will "guard" any global lists it finds (alias, history, dirhistory, function) so that they continue to exist even when no TCCs are running. New TCCs that use global lists will simply find them ... no need to load anything. When SHRALIAS teminates (as it does on logoff and shutdown) it will save any lists to files in a directory specified by the environment variable SHRALIAS_SAVE_PATH.

I'm a big fan of SHRALIAS. I have a login script which loads the saved files and starts SHRALIAS ... I never think about it again.