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Save and restore tab layouts

Given the cool capacity TakeCommand offers to define multiple tabs at startup, it would be even more helpful if the layout of said tabs could somehow be specified. In my particular case, for example, I have a big primary monitor, and it would be great to have the three tabs TakeCommand opens for me at startup arranged as i like them: in three different vertical tab groups.

I guess as long as such a feature is under consideration, let me shoot for the moon: what I really want is the ability to save and restore tab layouts. For example, I frequently find myself switching between three tabs in vertical layout (leftmost is my worklog, center is for viewing files, rightmost is for issuing commands), two tabs in horizontal layout (PowerShell on the top and CMD on the bottom), and a single big tab for editing in Vim. If I could save/restore those much like Visual Studio 2017 lets me save/restore window layouts, it would be awesome!

Thanks in advance for any thoughts/work along these lines. In the meantime, I'll keep twiddling tabs manually. Cheers!
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