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Save Environment (Tabs) on Exit?

This is probably simple, but I can't find it anywhere. I see where I can specify fixed tabs to always run on startup, but where can I save all the tabs that I currently have open, so that at next startup they will re-open all the same?

I'm running on Windows 7, but an older version Take Command v11. I've been using TCC for years, and 4DOS before that. I've just started playing with TC, and like it so-far, especially the tabs.

I'll have a look at TCEXIT. I'm not sure I grasp your comment about communicating with other outside apps. Also, I was really just talking about the actual TAB itself, and it's current working directory. Not the full environment, although just that much might be an issue.
Could you point me in the right direction of what I would do in TCEXIT to save the tabs? I had a look around, and it wasn't clear what mechanism could save a tab.
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