Save/Load history/aliases/settings to/from Cloud services

Sep 11, 2012
I certainly understand I can create/do this using TCC itself - in combination with other tools, but it would be more convenient and safe to just register an account - e.g. SFTP/DropBox/Google and have TCC automatically save/load what you want.

- New tab called someting like "Cloud settings"
- Create/edit profile - for example SFTP - Amazon - Google - DropBox - OneDrive etc
- Set password for encryption
- Checkbox to set what should be saved/loaded [x] Settings [x] Aliases [x] History
- Show list of computers where TCMD is installed - option to deactivate (would e.g require that TCC check license once a day)
- ALIAS /LOAD profilename
- ALIAS /SAVE profilename

This could be a time-aver when using TCMD on multiple systems.

More/better ideas welcome!


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