How to? Save the session log from a batch file?

By "session log", I specifically mean the results of the Take Command "Save to file..." menu option. There doesn't seem to be any way that I can find to do that from a batch file. Am I right about that?
SAVECSB (4CONSOLE plugin) will save the console screen buffer as plain text. I just gave it a quick test from TCMD and it seemed to work OK. Sample:
Begin saved console screen buffer: 2012-06-04  11:51:37
v:\> savecsb /?
Save the contents of the console screen buffer to a file
  SAVECSB [/A] file
    File is created if not found
    /A : append to file (else write new file)
End saved console screen buffer: 2012-06-04  11:51:37
4CONSOLE also has SAVECON/RSTRCON which will save (in a binary format) / restore the console's text, attributes, and metrics. One quick and simple test worked OK in TCMD. It was not meant for TCMD, however, and uses CONSIZE to restore the console to the saved state. I don't know how well RSTRCON will work if you monkey around with the sizes of the consoles underlying TCMD's tabs.
Actually, Vince, not quite. While this had an easy work-around for me, it doesn't seem that the "/A" flag is doing anything (although it's certainly a possibility that I screwed up somewhere). Since, again, it wasn't a problem for me, I'm telling you as a pure FYI.