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Done screen buffer save

Ok, so I'm in a moment lately where I end up with allot of output from various commands that I want to sift through. Don't really want to bother with a bunch of redirection - the console is capturing everything I want.

Thinking maybe a button/toggle to capture output. Then maybe another button that sends the captured output to V.
Not sure it was obvious to me - should have been - that I could search in the buffer, so thanks for that reminder. In this case though...

I was in TCMD. But it was a LOT of msbuild output that eventually scrolled past the buffer limit. So the TCMD console "saw" everything I wanted to search through. But I don't see a way to set the buffer limit - though I'm pretty sure it did scroll beyond the start of the msbuild output.
I think TCMD's buffer size is based on the screen buffer size of the console in the tab. So start a stand-alone TCC with the same command that TCMD uses, and use the console's "properties" dialog (Alt-space,p) to set the screen buffer size.
Found it - thanks to TCMD help - which is <off topic> why the current help bug, well, bugs me. <on topic>

Options, TCMD, Tabs, Buffer Rows. Seems like the max has been 20000 for a long time. Perhaps at some point performance takes a hit if you let it get too big - Rex?
Ok, and that's usually plenty of screen buffer.

So let me clarify the request. I failed to specify up front that I had capture the buffer in real-time to a file as the idea. Which would include everything that appears on the screen and might not necessarily get picked up using various redirection techniques. That's something that could be toggled on/off as needed. Then, if I wanted to follow the output, V would nicely tail the file. If I wanted to search through all of it, size would not matter and V would do a nice job of that.

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