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Script to resize the TCC-window with cursor keys

Beside resizing the window, it can also change the position on the screen of this window.

Using it is straightforward:
  • Start the script (I have mine as an autoexec keystroke alias: @@Shift-F12=`@^e"c:\path\to\resize.btm"`)
  • Use the cursor keys to resize the window. The top/left position stays fixed
  • Use the Control-cursor keys to change the position of the window on your screen. The size of the window stays fixed.
  • If you like the new size /position, press [Enter].

Some remarks.
  • The script also restores your original screen buffer size ("scroll back buffer") if it is smaller than the original. If it is larger than the original, it will use the larger size.
    If you don't like that behaviour, remove the matching lines under CASE @28 :: Enter
  • I wrote the "option-script" ( [title] ) for this: to be able to change the size of the steps for resize/reposition "on the fly". In the end it just seemed overkill and I left it out.
  • Will not work in TCMD tab (script will quit in that case)
  • There is a lot more on the subject of resizing windows; this script tries to avoid as much of that complexity as possible.


  • Resize.btm
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Slight improvement:

In the testversion I used the titlebar to show detailed debug info, but left it out of the "published" version.
As it can be useful to know the current console size, that has been added to the titlebar.
After confirming the new size/position, the original title is restored.

2017-02-12 12_45_25-Current size _ 30 _ 60.png

The first resize.btm is replaced by this one.