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How to? Select and Delete text

I am not quite sure why I can't delete text in a tabbed tcc window if I select it with mouse cursor. (if I press Del or Backspace or context menu Delete, it only deletes the character above the cursor and not the full selection)
By the way, I am instead able to copy the selected text.

If I use the keyboard Shift+arrows to select the text, the Delete buttons work properly.

Am I doing something wrong somewhere maybe? Or is it simply not possible to do it? (I'm also having a look at the trial version of PowerCmd and I have no problem selecting and deleting)
Please note that I am using the trial version of Take Command 32 bit on my Windows 8 Pro 64 bit because the Take Command 64 bit force closes on start up 90% of the times (as I found some threads here with the same problem but no solution offered)

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If you have a registered version of 64b TCMD on a system AFAIK the same registration code allows you to register the 32b version, and it does not count as an extra copy. Not 100% sure how it works for single-copy license; mine is for 5 copies and I am nowhere near it.
Mouse selection vs. keyboard selection is a different mechanism in a different place -- handled in Take Command, as opposed to TCC. I think that for Take Command to make arbitrary changes in the command line would require some kind of back-door communication between Take Command and TCC. Rex could probably make it work for TCC, but I doubt it would ever work in other programs (CMD.EXE or telnet or whatever).
Good point, Charles! Do you agree it ought to be in HELP? Just the behavior, i.e., the circumstances of when mouse selection and of when keyboard selection are available, not the technical explanation of how and why...
Neither "Cut" nor "Delete" (on the right-click popup) work, regardless of how the selection was made.
The Help seems in need of help.

The page "Navigation: TCC > Command Line > Command Line Editing" says "To highlight text on the command line use the mouse or hold down the Shift key and use any of the cursor movement keys listed above. You can select a complete word by placing the cursor anywhere in the word and double-clicking with the mouse. Once you have selected or highlighted text on the command line, any new text you type will replace the highlighted text. If you press Bksp or Del while there is text highlighted on the command line, the highlighted text will be deleted."

The page "Navigation: Take Command > Take Command Interface > Take Command Window > Highlighting and Copying Text" explains how to highlight text with the mouse, then says "To highlight text on the command line use the Shift key in conjunction with the Left, Right, Ctrl-Left, Ctrl-Right, Home, and End cursor movement keys. The Del key will delete any highlighted text on the command line, or you can type new text to replace the highlighted text." No indication that the mouse can't be used to "highlight" text.

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