Selection characters with mouse double-click


Sep 8, 2015
Hello JP Software,

As a looong ago registered user of 4DOS and 4NT, I am happy to say that I am back as a full time user.
I was strictly a Linux guy for many years but since I need to login to Windows 7, I am pleased to say that TCC has once again saved the day.

Together with Cygwin, TCC is absolutely the best command line for Windows. Period.
Needless to say, I am a registered user.

I have a quick question:

When I double click on some text, I noticed that everything up to a space is selected.
How can I change this so selection stops at say: :;[] -- and more.

I am using bash and TCMDVER 18.00.31

Thank you in advance.

George Hrysanthopoulos


Sep 8, 2015
Ok, sounds good. How about a request for enhancement/New Feature:

On GNOME Terminal, there is a Setting field and it looks like this:

Select-by-word-characters: -A-Za-Z0-9,./?%&_+@~

I can change these characters so when I double click on a "selectable" character it extends the selection to include any character in above list.

So, if a line has: ===AAAbbbCCC@@@===
and I click on the first "A" I will select: AAAbbbCCC@@@
So when I paste, I paste only the selected chars.

GNOME terminal has all the details.

It would be nice to have on TCC !

Thank you in advance

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